10 Apr 2010
03 Oct 2013

Website News


What's happened recently

04/10/2010: Off-line development of the website has commenced.

06/01/2010: The website has been activated on-line at, using the hosting facilities of StartLogic.  Various pages are being published as they are developed.

07/01/2010: The website is open to public inspection.

07/14/2010: All major portions of the lesson plan have been developed, and are now being linked, reviewed, and polished.

07/20/2010: The website is fully functional.

08/01/2010: The website is officially open for business.

02/06/2011: Misaligned picture elements on the Venn Diagrams page have been corrected.

12/19/2011: A new group of readings, "A Rational Ethic," has been added.  It functions both as a practical exercise in logical thinking and as a stand-alone innovation in context-governed ethics.

10/03/2013: A review of course materials has identified and corrected a number of errors.  In addition, line spacing has been increased to improve readability.

10/04/2013: The course material has been made available for presentation at other websites, with proper accreditation.  (The original and subsequent updates will remain at this website,

what's in the Works

07/10/2010: The Index-Glossary is being compiled and linked.

07/14/2010: Finding and fixing errors, both in content and in function, is an ongoing process.  Guests are invited to point out problems by contacting the owner; please be as specific and detailed as you can, so we can locate and address issues without delay.

what's being considered

07/10/2010: Interactive exercises for each section are being considered for their value in both reinforcing and evaluating the learning experience.