09 Apr 2010
03 Oct 2013



For those who might like to study further on their own, my first suggestion is to try the philosophy section of any public or campus library.  Fair warning: Even "entry-level" books about logic tend to include way more than the average person is ordinarily seeking (which is why this much-distilled course on practical skills has been devised).  However, the more-than-average person might find some of them a worthwhile read.  Here are some I recommend:

The Power of Logic


C. Stephen Layman


McGraw-Hill, 2000


ISBN 0-7674-2033-0

a good, general purpose text and reference, which has been my companion for a number of years








Methods of Logic


Willard V. Quine


Harvard, 1983


ISBN 0-674-57176-2

for the enthusiast who who salivates at the prospect of intellectual challenge