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Local Group Rides

Bicycle Rides
in the Middletown, Ohio area
Franklin - Germantown - Lebanon - Mason - Miamisburg - Middletown - Monroe - Seven Mile - Springboro - Trenton - West Chester
See details below if you would like to have your own ride(s) added to the list.

PLEASE NOTE: This listing is intended only as a general guide to rides usually scheduled in the Middletown area.
It should not be construed as an up-to-the-minute schedule with the latest locations, revisions, or cancellations.
For the latest authoritative information on any ride, contact the respective ride leader directly.

Ride / Destination Start Dist. / Terrain Type / Av.Sp. Leader Notes Status
Date Time Location
Miamisburg Breakfast Ride
loop to Farmersville area DCC
all year
9:00a (Apr-Oct)

10:00a (Oct-Mar)

Municipal Lot, Miami (just N of Linden), Miamisburg 35 mi.
flat to rolling
12-18 mph
Larry Wymer 937.231.3153
helmet req'd.
Call to confirm if temp<32F
Brunch stop during or after ride.
West Carrollton Evening Ride
bikeway DCC
5:30p (Oct-Apr)
6:00p (May-Oct)
Miami-Erie Canal Park, 5457 Marina Dr., West Carrollton 10 mi.
bikeway (mostly flat, short grades)
12-15 mph
Carol Homan
937.277.2974 helmet req'd.
Dry roads, temp>40F.
Miamisburg Evening Ride
bikeway DCC
6:00p Municipal Lot, Miami (just N of Linden), Miamisburg 20 mi.
bikeway (flat, short grades on GMRRT; long winding grade on Medlar)
12-15 mph
Donnie Lamb
helmet req'd.
Dry roads, temp>28F, lights req'd.
Dinner after ride.
Dayton Ski Club Bike Ride
loop DCC
(Rotates among 3 locations, 1 of which is within 12 miles of Middletown.)
Every third Wednesday
10:00a Rice Field, Miamisburg
(4/29; 5/20;  6/10; 7/1, 22; 8/12; 9/2, 23)
20 mi.
mostly flat to rolling, 1 short climb
12-15 mph
Frank Brooks
helmet req'd.
No rain, temp>50F. Lunch after ride.
Rice Field Ride
Miamisburg, loop via Germantown DCC
Thursdays May-Aug 6:00p (May-Aug)
5:45p (Apr, Sep)
Rice Field, Miamisburg 22-25 mi.
mostly flat to gentle grades, 2 short climbs
12-18 mph
Steve Joyce
helmet req'd.
No rain, temp 60-95F, wind <20 mph.
Dinner after ride.
Sunset Ride
loop via Sunbury, Carlisle DCC
Mondays May-Sep 5:30p (Apr 16-30)
6:00p (May)
6:30p (Jun-Jul)
6:00p (Aug)
5:30p (Sep 1-22)
Bellemonte St. @ Miami Av., Middletown 30 mi.
flat to rolling, gentle to moderate grades, 1 short climb
14-17 mph
Steve Joyce
helmet req'd.
No rain, temp 60-95F, wind <20 mph.
Tour d'Burg
(1 day event includes races and tours; this listing is for the tour only.)
Sunday 06/15/14 only 8:00a 50 Library Park (gazebo)
Miamisburg, OH
25, 50, 75 mi. flat to rolling, a few hills on 50 & 75 mi. rides Sycamore Hospital fundraiser Rain or shine. Food, water, support, maps.
Y Ride / Ridestrong
bikeway family rides; road rides loop to Germantown, Farmersville, Carlisle, Moraine
06/13/15 only
10:00a-4:00p YMCA, 1020 Manchester Av., Middletown 1-22 mi. bikeway

26-83 mi. flat to rolling, a few hills on long routes

YMCA fundraiser;
all speed ranges
helmet req'd. Food, water; showers at finish.
*THE "TRAFFIC LIGHT" in the rightmost column indicates the leader's confidence that rides will take place as planned.  (See legend below.)
Contact the leader if there is cause for uncertainty.  Status, time, and other information might not be current if I have not received word from leader regarding recent changes.
The ride is canceled or not currently scheduled.
The ride is tentative; contact leader to confirm.
The ride goes as scheduled, subject to any listed conditions.
The status of the ride is unknown.
CLUB RIDES: Rides officially listed as local cycling club activities are designated "CCC" (Cincinnati Cycle Club), "DCC" (Dayton Cycling Club), or the equivalent.  Rides listed here are open to all competent adult riders, whether club members or not. HELMETS ARE MANDATORY ON ALL CLUB RIDES.
DISCLAIMER:  The owner of this web site accepts no responsibility whatever for errors in information supplied by others (including, but not limited to, relocation, rescheduling, or discontinuance of rides), or for any inconvenience, loss, damage, injury, illness, death, or liability suffered as a direct or indirect result of the information's use or misuse.  The site owner does not actively monitor conditions or practices on rides conducted by others; however, rides on which illegal, unsafe, or intolerant practices are found to be promoted will be removed from this listing.  It is solely the responsibility of the user of this information to verify its accuracy and to determine its suitability for his or her own use.
Ride policies (e.g., age limits, helmet use, etc.) are established at the discretion of the respective organizer / leader.

Rider health, safety, and comfort are solely the responsibility of the individual rider.  Unless otherwise noted, these rides are unsupported, so bring water, food, tools, and cash adequate to your needs.  Also carry identification in case of emergency.

Submit Your Ride for Listing in This Schedule

To have your own ride(s) added to this list, send me all pertinent information (using the above table as an example) not later than one week prior to the start of your ride.  At a minimum, you must supply:

  • your name
  • either your e-mail address or your area code and phone number (where you can be reached prior to ride time)
  • day(s) of week and date(s) of your ride
  • starting time in AM / PM format
  • starting location, including street and city
  • whether or not guests should contact you prior to the ride (default = "yes")

You should also include, if appropriate:

  • destination (if other than starting location; default = "loop")
  • type of ride (tour / race / training / commute; default = "tour")
  • terrain (flat / rolling / hilly / urban / bikeway / off-road)
  • distance - length of your ride in miles
  • average speed, in miles per hour, that riders are expected to maintain
  • information source(s) (e.g., your web page URL) where additional details can be found
  • notes - features, requirements, or conditions (e.g., "chill factor > 40F, eat at Booger's")

You may also include the following, if applicable:

  • name of ride (e.g., "Sunbury Scurry"), if applicable
  • name of cycling club, if your ride is officially listed

Include the words "local ride" in the Subject line of your message.
Check your message for completeness, accuracy, and spelling.

To qualify for this list, your ride should be on a regularly repeating schedule, and some portion of the route must be within 15 miles (24 km) of the city limits of Middletown, Ohio.  Submissions for rides outside these parameters, or with inadequate or unclear information, or which discriminate on the basis of factors unrelated to non-competitive cycling (e.g., ethnicity, religion, sex) will not be accepted.

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Dos and Don'ts for Group Riding

In general, group bicycle rides hosted by responsible individuals and organizations have certain requirements in common.


  • Your bike should be roadworthy, reliable, properly sized and adjusted to your physique.
  • For road riding, your bike should be a road or hybrid design with multiple gears.  Fixed-gear and trail bikes are generally acceptable, but might make it difficult to keep up with a group.
  • For riding on pavement, tires should be inflated to maximum rated pressure (shown on tire sidewall).
  • For riding after dark, your bike must have a headlight and taillight (reflectors are not sufficient).


  • Be in good health and condition.
  • Wear a properly fitting bicycle helmet.
  • If an average speed is given, be able to keep up.*
  • Know how to fix a flat tire, and carry necessary tools and materials.
  • Carry water, food, cash, medication, and identification adequate to personal needs.

*Cruising speed is typically about 20% faster than average speed.  E.g., average 15 mph + 20% (3 mph) = 18 mph cruising speed.  In urban environments, the difference is even greater because of frequent stopping and starting.


  • Be alert and aware of your surroundings at all times.
  • Ride safely and courteously, obeying all applicable vehicle laws.
  • Ride smoothly and predictably, in as nearly a straight line as practicable.
  • When turning, use the proper lane, give proper signals, and yield when appropriate.
  • When cruising, ride in the right-hand tire track of the rightmost traffic lane as a rule, but use the left side of the lane if necessary to avoid hazards.  (Ride in your lane, not on the edge lines.)


  • Don't be careless or aggressive.
  • Don't straddle lane markers or weave in and out of traffic.
  • Don't use an entertainment device with earphones while riding.
  • Don't use or be under the influence of alcohol or drugs, legal or otherwise.
  • Don't bring a tricycle, kid's bike, stunt bike, single-speed cruiser, motorbike, scooter, or skateboard.
  • Don't use a cellular phone while riding. (If you must use one, first signal, pull off the roadway, and stop.)


  • Some rides require riders under 18 to be under full-time adult supervision.
  • Supported rides usually furnish food and rest stops; most unsupported rides do not.
  • Some rides require everyone to stay with the group; others allow riders to set their own pace.
  • Some rides permit drafting, others do not. Drafting is advisable only under open-road conditions. Be careful not to let your front tire overlap the rear tire of the bike ahead; if the bike ahead swerves and touches your tire, you will crash!


Especially when riding in close formation, where sight distance and maneuvering space are limited, use accepted "bike shorthand" to keep others in the group aware of conditions.

  • TRAFFIC: "Car up / back!" "Car left / right!" "Walker up!" "Clear!"
  • HAZARDS: "Gravel!" "Mud!" "Dog!" "Hole!" "Train!" "Wheelchair!"
  • MANEUVERS: "Right / Left turn!" "Braking!" "Stopping!" "Gear down!"
  • PASSING: "On your left / right!"

When waiting at a traffic light, call out "Yellow!" or "Green!" if you're first to see the light change for your lane.


Remember, "start time" is when a ride is supposed to get underway.  You should arrive several minutes beforehand—early enough to get signed up, set up, pumped up, and mounted up.  By start time, you should be on your bike, helmet on, ready to roll.  Showing up at the last minute, and expecting others to wait while you get ready, is inconsiderate, and might well get you left behind.