09 Apr 2010
03 Oct 2013

In Conclusion


If you're reading this, it's assumed that you either have completed the course, or at least have worked through as much of it as you care to for now.


The study of logic is by no means restricted to what we've discussed in this course.  For example, a field called predicate logic vastly expands the capabilities of statement logic's symbolic notation; however, it's probably more than most people would care to tackle, since in most cases the prospective benefits of mastering it might not be worth the effort to acquire such mastery.  Of somewhat more practical utility is probability logic, which is intertwined with statistics.  Although statistics is a valuable tool for making sense of numerical data, it's more of a specialists' field, and is thus outside the scope of our modest effort just to equip people with basic critical thinking skills.


As has already been stated elsewhere, Fourth R Applied Philosophy charges no fees and makes no demands.  This is perhaps understandable, considering that it also offers no diplomas, awards, or even gold stars, let alone a graduation ceremony.  Indeed, we won't even wish you luck—because by now you should have something much better.  With practice, consistent use, and the determination to deal honestly with reality (as nearly as we can discern it in light of available evidence), good reasoning skills have the effect of relegating luck to a relatively minor role.  However, we offer you our congratulations on your accomplishment, and thank you for your participation!


If you've found this course beneficial—or even if you haven't—we value your frank insights as a participant.  If you can spare another moment or two, we'd very much appreciate your thoughts—positive or negative—about this course, plus any suggestions to help make it a more worthwhile experience for others.

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